In Production

The Sleeping Shepherd

feature film production

writer/director: Frank Hudec

Producers: Mathias Schwerbrock, Mike S. Ryan, Antonin Desvigne, Joost de Vries

worldsales: Solution Entertainment

Bombay Samourai

feature film production  

writer/director: Dev Benegal

a Co-Production of August Entertainment & Film Base Berlin & House On Fire  

producers: Dev Benegal, Mathias Schwerbrock, Vincent Wang


feature film production  

writer /director: Mahtab Ebrahimzadeh
writer: Hossein Roushankar

producer: Mathias Schwerbrock

Rostock Lichtenhagen

feature film production  

writer: Arion Ahrens
director: Andres Veiel

producer: Mathias Schwerbrock

Shadow of the Crescent Moon

feature film production  

writers: Fatima Bhutto and Michael Radford
director: Michael Radford

producers: Arno Krimmer, Anand Ramayya, Mathias Schwerbrock

Black Sun

feature film production  

writer/director: Maria Ruotsala

producer: Merja Ritola, David P. Kelly, Mathias Schwerbrock

Pogrom of Maraş 

Documentary production 

writer/director: Erhan Emre

producer:  Mathias Schwerbrock

Red Shadows


producers: Uri Schubajev, Mathias Schwerbrock

a Co-Production of Promotion Films (Moscow) and Film Base Berlin