In Production

The Sleeping Shepherd

feature film production

writer/director: Frank Hudec


Isabelle Huppert, William Dafoe, Imogen Poots

The world's greatest art thief collects almost two-billion dollars in masters only to have his mother burn them all in the family backyard.

A German-Belgium-Dutch-US Co-Production

Producers: Mathias Schwerbrock, Mike S. Ryan, Antonin Desvigne, Joost de Vries

worldsales: Solution Entertainment

Bombay Samourai

feature film production  

writer/director: Dev Benegal

In the underbelly of Bollywood and the Bombay underworld an elusive Chinese assassin's life is on the limb — the Don he works for wants him dead.

a Co-Production of August Entertainment & Film Base Berlin
producers: Dev Benegal, Mathias Schwerbrock, Patrick Mao Huong & Charles Lei


feature film production  

writer /director: Mahtab Ebrahimzadeh
writer: Hossein Roushankar

Cast: Shahab Hosseini, Reza Akhlagirad

Just released from prison Amiru accepts the risky offer to transport the body of a dead Afghan through the Iran to Afghanistan.

producer: Mathias Schwerbrock

Rostock Lichtenhagen

feature film production  

writer: Arion Ahrens
director: Andres Veiel

Two journalists uncover the story of the 1992 attacks on the asylum seekers home of Rostock-Lichtenhagen assuming a government conspiracy of the secret service and politicians behind the attacks. 

producer: Mathias Schwerbrock

Delphi Rationale

a film shot for an Art Installation by Philipp Lachenmann

writer/director: Philipp Lachenmann

Shot in the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Philipp Lachenmann creates a reflection of the fundamental structures of the universe to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles in pictures and sounds. His film will be on display as part of an installation in the Schering Stiftung in Berlin in April 2018.

a Production of Film Base Berlin
producers: Philipp Lachenmann, Mathias Schwerbrock



writer: Sergej Judakow

directors: tba

A Russian-German TV Series about spies in Russia and East Germany, the fall of the wall and the trades of secret service agents with the "Rosenholz files" of the former Stasi Ministry.

producer: Juri Schubajev, Mathias Schwerbrock

a Co-Production of Promotion Films (Moscow) and Film Base Berlin