Film Base Berlin GmbH

Film Base Berlin has been founded in 2006 by CEO Mathias Schwerbrock and produces feature films for the German and international markets and does service productions in Europe and the rest of the world. After executive producing the films Nightsongs and Hamburger Lektionen with acclaimed director Romuald Karmakar Film Base Berlin co-produced the Indian Bollywood Action-Blockbuster DON 2 featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Priyamka Chopra. Film Base Berlin service produced the European Shoot of the TV-series The Transporter for Atlantique Films in Paris and in 2013 the Berlin Shoot of the South-Korean feature The Berlin File for Filmmaker R & K production in Seoul. In 2015 Film Base Berlin service-produced the Berlin-shoot of the Amazon-Series The Man In The High Castle, in 2017 the Berlin shoot of the BBC-US TV Series Killing Eve. Currently Film Base Berlin is developing films and TV-Series for the German and International markets with projects that are Arthouse and director driven as well as Mainstream projects for commercial exploitation in all Media. The position of the company in Berlin is the most central in Europe and allows us to create Co-Productions with UK, Belgium, Holland and all other European countries, as well as Russia, US, China, India, Iran and others.